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AEP Lift Truck Cost Savings Calculator
Determine the lifecycle savings and environmental benefits of electric lift trucks, as compared to diesel and propane.
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Initial Purchase Cost
Default values for initial purchase costs are adjustable.
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Fuel prices based on published values from EIA and America’s Electric Cooperatives, updated quarterly.
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Total Cost of Ownership
Fuel Type Initial Purchase Cost Operation & Maintenance Cost Fuel Cost Total Cost
Electric Over Propane Savings (Total)
Savings (Total) CO CO2
Electric Over Diesel Savings (Total)
Savings (Total) CO CO2

Emissions information derived from:

  1. Consumption per shift data: International Truck Association, 1994. Analysis based on 4,000 lb. load capacity forklift truck. Battery-powered Industrial Trucks, Lead Industries Association, Inc.
  2. Emissions data: EPA Nonroad Engine and Vehicle Emissions Study, 1991.
  3. Electric data: National average fuel mix is used: 29.9% coal, 32.1% natural gas, 20% nuclear, 7.4% hydro, 6.3% wind, 1.9% solar, 1.6% biomass, 0.4% geothermal, 0.4% other.